Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Frazetta Family Issues

I would encourage everyone to watch the repeat of this show on the Fox Business Channel this evening. It is very well done and gives a nice overview of the issues with the Frazetta Estate. The show is entitled STRANGE INHERITANCE.


  1. If anyone knows how to view this show after it's aired and without cable, I'd really like to know. Paying to watch isn't an issue, you'd think a station with "Business" in their name would understand some people are willing to pay to watch things.

    1. It's Fox, man. The dimwits of news and media.

  2. Thank you for "heads up" about the show. I saw it and was curious about the collection of artwork and museum. As the collection has been divided into 4 parts, are the pieces still in the museum? The Frank Jr site (frazettamuseum.com) doesn't mention or show what is still there. And did Frank Jr "buy out" the others for the estate property?
    Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. The museum is only exhibiting Frank Jr's collection, which represents one-fourth of the oils. The other kids retain the private possession of their oils.


  4. As you know, some of the key pieces have been sold off: two Conan paintings, the cover art to Weird-Science Fantasy 29, the "Golden Girl" watercolor, the Buck Rogers covers for Famous Funnies, the "Nina" strips, etc. None of the four have these any more. Very sad.

    Chris A.

  5. Yes, indeed! I am so happy I had so much time to see these originals over the course of 25 years. Frank allowed me to take many pieces home so I could live with them a bit. A very great and generous man!