Monday, February 6, 2012

Frazetta: Death Dealer Study

Here is a previously unseen Death Dealer study. Alex Acevedo bought most of the Death Dealer Studies from Frank in 1994, but he missed buying two of them. The other one is entitled "The Snow Queen" and it, also, has never been seen. Hopefully I can post an image of it in the near future.

I love the action of this study. It would have made an incredible finished oil. Unfortunately, the TOR Death Dealer novels came to their end and the money was no longer there, so Frank never finished those last two concepts. Frank did paint another unused concept in his final years depicting Death Dealer and a swarm of greenish vampiric witches/demons. He did it all left-handed. It was showcased in the museum for a very short while. The family still has it but it's never been seen and, alas, I don't have an image of the final oil.

DocDave Winiewicz