Monday, March 3, 2014

World's Shortest Frazetta Discussion

I was asked whether or not there were areas that Frank would not talk about. Well, yes, there was one area. I grew up in the sixties at a time when music and politics were central to just about everyone's life. It's hard to convey just how important music was to everyone in the 1962-1973 period during the Vietnam chaos. My cultural formation was grounded in this music. I went to Woodstock in 1969,  and wrote half of my senior honor's thesis on Bob Dylan, entitled "On Xenogenesising A Generation: The Ideas Of Dylan"a 120 page epic.  With that as background I asked Frank the following question:

Dave: "Frank, what do you think about the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan? What about Elvis? You look like his brother for god's sake! Who did you listen to in the  fifties and sixties?

Frank: "Rock and Roll Sucks!"

Dave: "That's it?"

Frank: "That's it."

That's our Frank.

Now indulge me in a little before and after narcissism.