Sunday, November 8, 2015

Comments on Frazetta Erotic Images

As I promised, the images have been removed after a three day period. I had over a thousand views and countless positive comments. ONE person thought I was doing a disservice to the Frazetta family. What total nonsense. No one has done more to promote Frazetta's legacy for inclusion in art history. That takes intelligence and passion. I have been doing it for 35 years.  I have a legal right to show anything that I am selling. People must see things in order to buy them. This is only common sense.

Ellie Frazetta sold the supposedly racist cover to THUNDA 1 by giving it to an auction house. It was their cover image and made a lot of money for Ellie. Was she doing a disservice to the family? No, she was making money, doing business. Let us not be hypocrites here. The family sold the allegedly racist interior pages. Should they be blamed for tarnishing the legacy of Frank? No, of course not. Frank Frazetta loved this art. Everyone needs to understand that. Frank Jr. offers a portfolio of black natives on his web site. one is eating watermelon. Racist?  No, I think not. IT IS ART as visualized by Frank. These are beautifully drawn and beautifully colored. Is Frank Jr doing a disservice to the family? Absolutely not. He is exhibiting another facet of Frank's work.

Expand your horizons and see great art for what it is.