Thursday, October 29, 2015

Frazetta Forgeries and Important News

A few things:
Please do not send me any Frazetta images to authenticate. I have been swamped with people showing me forgeries and it is not my place to be the ultimate decision maker. It takes time and I am not getting paid to do it. Let the buyer beware. THERE ARE MANY MANY forgeries out there at all levels, from sketch to illustration to painting. I am done with that, sorry. I had to shut down all my comment/messages because of the influx of nonsense.

The PROFILES IN AUCTION catalog will be mailed right around November 11. A last minute decision by the PROFILES attorneys prevented the Frazetta explicit erotic artworks from being displayed in the catalog. This is, of course, very disappointing. The cultural climate is different here than in, let us say, Europe. In Europe all the auction catalogs are filled with erotic art. We still have this strong puritanical streak that essentially amounts to censorship. What I have decided to do is post all those images on this site next Thursday for a period of three days. I have to watermark the images. The internet is a vast toilet and there are people who will uprez any image and start selling prints even though they have no rights to do so. Uprez software like Genuine Fractals does wonders. Watermarking makes that a little more difficult. So please mark the time and I will get the images up.

Thank you!