Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Frazetta Bought A Home

An interesting piece of Frazetta history, this document dates from the early 70's and depicts a listing of paintings that Frank was giving to Russ Cochran to sell. Russ Cochran, of course, was Frank's first art agent and was directly responsible for creating the market for Frazetta original art. Russ' importance to the Frazetta story is significant. Frank was attempting to raise enough money to pay off the new home and land in Pennsylvania. The listed numbers are the sale prices. Russ would take his cut out of those prices. And, yes, Russ did sell them all. He sold them during the period of 1971 to 1975. The FIGHTING MAN OF MARS was added later. Frank never thought highly of the piece. He thought it was a simply static portrait with nothing special about it. I disagreed with him completely. The princess is spectacular and the entire environment is filled with mood and atmosphere and glorious heroism. We decided to use it as the cover to both editions of the Frazetta Reference volumes.

(c)2012 DocDave Winiewicz