Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frazetta Color #1

Over the years Frazetta singled out a small group of sketches and added some watercolor. This, of course, is an entirely different genre than his roughs or studies that have watercolor. Those roughs were experimental; these watercolor sketches are done carefully and the tinting is thoughtful. This warrior sketch was originally purchased by Russ Cochran directly from Frank in the early 70's. Russ saw it, loved, and bought it. It was in his collection for many years and he included it in color on his business card in the 70's when he was producing the massive 3 volume EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS LIBRARY OF ILLUSTRATION. Not many people placed color art on business cards in those days. It became a small collector's item in itself.

This warrior is a gem of drawing, design, and color. The blending of the tints is just right. The warrior is noble in presentation and the background castle situates him in a context. Lovely!

Dr. Dave Winiewicz (c)2008


Tracy said...

The sheer brightness of the colours on this is amazing, The best photo of it Ihave seen.


Doruk said...

Love the subtlety of the reds on the face.