Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frazetta Color #3

One more example of the brilliance of Frazetta in this genre. The "nature girl" in this image is very real, very visceral in her presence. I can only compare the "feel" of this girl to some of those Rembrandt oils depicting earthy women, like the famous picture of a nude bathing in a pond. The fleshiness of that girl is much akin to this girl by the horse. The coloring in this drawing is very restrained and appropriate. The horse is, as is most of Frank's animal work, a wonder of execution and refinement. The gesture of the head and the position of the legs gives a solid sense of reality to the horse and the entire setting. The coloring of the horse is a blending scheme that only the mind of Frazetta could devise. It works perfectly! This drawing represents another example of the simple genius of Frazetta. Not many artists could come close to rendering this scene with the honesty and sincerity of Frazetta's approach. No artifice, no gimmicks, no scene-deadening photos...just pure Frazetta magic.

Dr. Dave Winiewicz (c)2008


Abraham said...

Nice to see you've opened the comments-secion again! This is definately one of my favourite Frazetta sketches...what a draftsmanship!

Tracy said...

Hi Dave,

I don't know that I have ever seen this one in colour. If I am not mistaken, I have seen it somewhre in one of the books as just a B & W and have to say the colour on the horse is amazing.