Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frazetta Random Brilliance #2

Frazetta’s animal work is simply unmatched by any other artist. Frazetta seems to have that magical grasp of feral energy that resonates from living animals. Everyone else draws animals as seen from the point of view of a taxidermist or zookeeper.

This sketch is simple, elegant, and ferocious. It “has it all”!

Dr. Dave Winiewicz (c)2008


Anonymous said...

This beastial quickly executed but fully realized linework is FF at his finest; all the raw energy and
primeval expressive brilliance is at peak ; simply a
great example of that inking work and concept that
make this artist a watchword for utter master of his media and subject.

John Ageeb said...

Yeah well...this is just a flat out great animal ink sketch.Always wondered who had this.I think I prefer Frazetta's big cats to just about everyone else's with the possible exception of Burian.