Saturday, September 10, 2011

When A Man Dies, A World Dies.

I posted this photo without comment after Frank's death. I still look at that picture often. It resonates with so many conversations, laughter, food, smells, deals, coffee, and fun.
It's a kind of happy and sweet melancholy.



kev ferrara said...

Thank you for posting this photo. It is both enormously sad, and tremendously inspirational.

No doubt Mr. Frazetta was happy to have your appreciation while he was alive. (Appreciation, when all else fails, can sustain an artist.) You were a great surrogate for many of us who never met him.

Thanks for sharing,

Tracy said...

Hi Dave,

It seems that even without words, you can sum it up best.

Thanks for all you insights and knowledge and friendship.

Saying sorry for your loss doesn't ever seem to encompass anything near what you are going through, but am sad to say for now it will have to suffice.

Thanks Dave.


Blasterkid said...

now it's more important than ever to keep Frazetta's spirit alive....very glad to see you back posting Dave and very sorry for your loss.