Friday, September 9, 2011

An Unknown Frazetta Self-Portrait

From the upper reaches of Frazetta's old home, in the far forgotten corner of the attic, this portrait emerged. Fascinating, isn't it? From the hair and body style I would place it in the later 1950's. Frank's body began to thicken a bit in the later 50's. His muscle definition was a bit more pronounced due to lifting a few weights. He kept barbells in his studio to relieve stress. It is probably the result of one of Frank's very infrequent attendance at a life-drawing session with his fellow fleagle buddies. In 25 years Frank never mentioned it to me. He did it and simply forgot about it.

The pose is, of course reminiscent of the "Thinker" by Rodin. The unusual rocks at the base give it an almost renaissance feel. I like it. The perfect combination of the primitive and the pensive, which is precisely what Frank was.

Who knows what else will emerge from the closets of relatives and long forgotten friends. One can only hope.