Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frazetta's First Thoughts About Conan

When Frank got the call from the Lancer art director he grabbed the first piece of paper at hand, which happened to be the backside of a photograph he was wiping his brush on. He started jotting down Conan ideas. These are Frank's first thoughts. This is simply an incredible piece of Frazetta and Howard history. I had Frank sign it. He was going to throw it away. It was originally going to be published in the ULTIMATE TRIUMPH volume, but space limitations prevented it. This is the very first time this little piece of Frazetta/Howard history has been seen. Forgot about it completely until just now.

©2010 DocDave Winiewicz


Jim S. said...

Wow, you have some incredible, historic pieces! If you ever feel like throwing things away, drop me a line first :)

Anonymous said...

Again Dave you impress me with your full grasp of the historic importance of the man and his art.


Steve Baker